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Girlie de Vice
Dangerous like a fancy waffle.
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9th-Dec-2009 10:36 am - Garlic!

Originally uploaded by EvilEvi
The weather on my back porch does not seem to be killing my garlic off yet. I'm not sure whether this will ultimately mean that I don't wind up with heads of garlic to harvest this summer, but I'm looking forward to having enough tasty greens to put in scrambled eggs.
25th-Nov-2009 07:58 pm(no subject)
I need rainy nights
to distill me from the clouds,
liquid thoughts shining.
23rd-Oct-2009 07:16 am - Frustration
I am frustrated with life right now: with work, with relationships, with laundry, with transportation, with food, with seemingly just about everything. I want to write it all out but all I have is this tiny keyboard on my phone. How frustratingly appropriate. But really with the size of the waves in my mental sea right now, all attempts at communicating feel like I am trying to contain them in a paper cup. Really my life is good, I just have this surge of forward momentum but no clear path and so I am wasting it meandering around. Frustrating.
Florida is hot and humid. Imagine that. The ship is pretty nifty.
4th-Sep-2009 05:08 pm - Lake Michigan at Fox Park

Lake Michigan at Fox Park
Originally uploaded by EvilEvi
On our way to the cabin on Lake Superior we made our traditional stop at Fox Park to take a dip in Lake Michigan. We are almost there!
23rd-Aug-2009 10:05 pm - My fortune
You will make many changes before setting satisfactorily.

Time to start adjusting more of my settings, I suppose.
4th-Aug-2009 08:57 pm(no subject)
Tonight was the last night of my "Bellydance Fitness" class through MSCR. I realized I've been taking Middle Eastern Dance/Bellydance classes intermittently for over 7 years and never taken anything above a beginner level. I've taken classes from at least 5 different instructors in Madison (Guzel Allaire was my favourite) and practiced with numerous videos at home, and I certainly have the basic moves down quite well, but I still debate whether I should try an intermediate class. In this class, despite the fact that it was fitness-oriented rather than technique-oriented, I did a lot more traveling moves and choreography than I have in any previous classes. I still am not particularly good at either, but I feel like I did improve somewhat over the course of the past 8 weeks, and thus perhaps I would learn and grow in an intermediate class rather than just hopelessly fail. However, that would require a time commitment outside of class to practice, so I'm trying to figure out where it falls in my priorities. I have never been particularly good at consciously prioritizing, and my natural habits of prioritizing tend to favour things that lead to sex, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just something I am trying to be more conscious about.

This week, my priority needs to be cleaning my apartment for my mom and Ken's visit this weekend! I got the kitchen mostly done before class (except for the floor, which is still disgusting), but I should do my last drainer-full of dishes before bed.

I am wondering tonight why I am particularly good at remembering words set to music, but remembering motions set to music is such a challenge.
15th-Jul-2009 03:22 pm - Concerts on the Square

Concerts on the Square
Originally uploaded by EvilEvi
It is an entirely perfect day for lying in the grass. I have staked out our spot and am now awaiting Meshel.
10th-Jul-2009 06:26 pm - Goth Girl Garage Sale Saturday!
purple hair
July 11
8am to 4pm
221 S. Marquette St. (right off of Atwood Ave. by Glass Nickel)

It will be smaller this year, but we will have at least 4 sellers. I am selling a whole lot of my clothing in sizes 12, 14, 16, 1X and XL including a latex dress for $25 OBO. There will also be shoes, socks, VHS bellydance instructional and fitness videos, household items and a variety of other stuff.

I priced a big tub of clothes last night but still have a garbage bag full to go.

Even if you don't want to buy stuff, come and hang out for a bit!
2nd-Jul-2009 09:39 pm(no subject)
Ooh Dalek!
Someone decided to photograph the real people behind some Craigslist ads. It's kind of fascinating.
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